Eric Berger’s Reports on Different Approaches to the Moon and Mars.

The Space Development Steering Committee has called for three new space programs that harness the powers of America’s entrepreneurial space companies—companies like Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin. One would be a public-private Moon program. Another would be a public-private Mars program. And the third of these entrepreneurial space programs would target the asteroids. SpaceX already has a Mars program in the works. Blue Origin has a Blue.. Read More

Support the Citizens’ Space Agenda and the 2017 August Home District Blitz

As an organizational member of the Alliance for Space Development, the Space Development Steering Committee is calling on its members and supporters to participate in the 2017 August Home District Blitz. The blitz uses a grassroots network of volunteers to meet with Senators, Representatives, and staffers in their local district offices. The objective is to raise legislative awareness of the Citizens’ Space Agenda. The agenda for the August 2017 blitz.. Read More

End the Dysfunctional Space Launch System

The Space Development Steering Committee calls on NASA to abandon its dysfunctional and hideously expensive Space Launch System and its overpriced and under-capable Orion capsule and to replace these money-eating monstrosities with three private industry initiatives, one for the Moon, one for asteroids, and another for Mars. Yes, the Space Development Steering Committee is calling for private companies to develop our Mars, Moon, and asteroid programs. In conjunction with NASA… Read More

SDSC Calls for a New Kind of Moon Program

The Space Development Steering Committee calls for NASA to establish a new COTS program, a program to establish a permanent human base on the Moon. A Moon program designed to get the heavy lifting done by private companies—SpaceX, Blue Origin, Bigelow Aerospace, United Launch Alliance, and any other companies eager to put down stakes on the big wheel of green cheese over our heads. What is a COTS program? COTS stands for “Commercial.. Read More

Musk Makes NASA Look Silly

Elon Musk’s announcement that he will put two paying passengers in a loop-the-loop around the Moon in 2018 has implications that no one seems to see. It can cause an earthquake at NASA. On February 15, NASA announced that it was studying an idea designed to give publicity to the Trump administration. On the first flight of NASA’s Frankenrocket, the Space Launch System—the rocket that will cost $30 billion to develop.. Read More

A Rundown (or Up) of America’s Space Achievements in 2016

At the end of 2015, several of the most august science journals in the world looked over America’s space accomplishments for the year and concluded that there were none. Space, said the journals, was in a holding pattern. It is important not to make that same mistake about 2016. The big news of 2016 was that 49 years after the USA landed men on the Moon, America finally has an achievable Mars.. Read More

Space Group Urges NASA to Change Its Approach to Mars

Elon Musk has revealed an audacious plan to get hundreds of people to Mars beginning in 2025. What role should NASA play to make sure Musk’s plan becomes a reality? If NASA ditches its own totally impractical and unaffordable Mars plan, can it help Musk get Americans to Mars ten years earlier than any previous plan has dared? Can it collaborate with Musk on Mars? Yes. If NASA adopts the role of infrastructure builder. NASA.. Read More

A Radically Easier Path to Space Settlement

Al Globus has published a paper outlining an easier way to build a space settlement. He describes a relatively simple, near-term path to the first true space settlements in easy to understand language. The first key to this path is that Earth’s magnetic field provides excellent radiation protection for settlements in Equatorial Low Earth Orbit (ELEO), orbits near Earth directly above the equator. The second is that people can tolerate much.. Read More

India’s first homegrown ‘space shuttle’ test successful

In the early hours of Monday morning, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) successfully launched its first “Re-usable Launch Vehicle,” which at full-size will be able to lift satellites into orbit. “We are very excited,” said Deviprasad Karnika, a spokesman for ISRO. “The team has been working on the project for the past 10 years, with the past five spent on designing the actual model.” Read the full story at.. Read More

SpaceX to Send the Red Dragon Spacecraft to Mars as Early as 2018

Artist’s conception of the Red Dragon spacecraft landing on Mars. Credit: SpaceX If you’ve kept your eyes peeled, you’ve noticed history in the making. A private individual has announced a Mars plan that’s more realistic and more likely to happen in the near future than any planetary settlement plan that any of the 70 space agencies on planet earth have conceived. The first step? Elon Musk has said that he.. Read More