NASA’s Scott Kelly Urges Full Funding for Commercial Crew Ships

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly, left, and crewmate Kjell Lindgren, right, chat with CBS News during a space-to-ground question-and-answer session Monday. Kelly urged lawmakers to fully fund NASA’s commercial crew program to end sole reliance on Russia’s Soyuz spacecraft. (CBS News)   Scott Kelly, an astronaut nearly five months into a one-year stay at the International Space Station, has begged Congress to stop killing America’s manned space program. In the words.. Read More

Three reasons to be truly outraged by Congressional stonewalling of commercial crew

Richard Shelby is watching out for his NASA center. (AP Photo)   Eric Berger has a new editorial at the Houston Chronicle. Congress is stalling commercial crew merely to generate pork. Space is a new industry, capable of providing jobs to thousands of Americans. But it is being hobbled by Congress. Crucial money that could be given to American companies is funneled off to Russia. Further, the Space Launch System, or SLS,.. Read More