Eric Berger’s Reports on Different Approaches to the Moon and Mars.

The Space Development Steering Committee has called for three new space programs that harness the powers of America’s entrepreneurial space companies—companies like Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin. One would be a public-private Moon program. Another would be a public-private Mars program. And the third of these entrepreneurial space programs would target the asteroids. SpaceX already has a Mars program in the works. Blue Origin has a Blue.. Read More

Support the Citizens’ Space Agenda and the 2017 August Home District Blitz

As an organizational member of the Alliance for Space Development, the Space Development Steering Committee is calling on its members and supporters to participate in the 2017 August Home District Blitz. The blitz uses a grassroots network of volunteers to meet with Senators, Representatives, and staffers in their local district offices. The objective is to raise legislative awareness of the Citizens’ Space Agenda. The agenda for the August 2017 blitz.. Read More