Will China Own The 21st Century?

China’s New Silk Road Versus America’s Platinum Highway in the Sky The 20th century was the American Century. But the Chinese are grabbing ownership of the 21st century with the most audacious global infrastructure project in history—their New Silk Road, otherwise known as the Belt and Road Initiative. This 20 trillion dollar Chinese transport-project is pulling together 65 nations and 4.4 billion people and is already making America look like.. Read More

Cities on Mars?

How close are we to building cities on Mars and bases on the Moon? The answer may arrive sooner than you think. Elon Musk is committed to planting cities on Mars. And when it comes to the Moon, Musk feels we should already have had a lunar base a long time ago. Cities on Mars are serious business. Musk plans to start work on them in only four years. Yes,.. Read More

Disability Can Be a Superpower in Space

Disabled astronauts offer unique solutions to emergencies in space According to Dr. Sheri Wells-Jensen of Bowling Green State University, disabilities can be superpowers for astronauts in space. A position she and her co-author, Joshua Miele, of the Smith Kettlewell Eye Research Institute, will explain Sunday May 27th at 3 pm at the National Space Society’s annual International Space Development Conference in Los Angeles. Dr. Wells-Jensen uses the 1997 fire aboard.. Read More