A 6-Part Program to Get to the Moon Fast

NASA has just announced a quick-look study of ways to get to the moon fast. The Space Development Steering Committee proposes a six-part COTS program that will get us on the moon to stay at a fraction of traditional costs and far faster than traditional NASA plans. What’s a COTS program? Traditional NASA procurement depends on cost-plus contracts, contracts that encourage aerospace companies to stretch the completion of a project to.. Read More

The SMIC is Muzzling the Space Community

There’s a lot of hesitancy in the space community. Timidity. Absolute unwillingness to go public with deep truths, truths that can be vital to America’s leadership in space. Three programs are killing America’s space leadership. They have amputated America’s ability to launch Americans to orbit on American vehicles for seven years. Ever since 2011, we’ve been forced to send Americans to the International Space Station on Russian Soyuz rockets. At a total cost of four.. Read More

The Space Development Steering Committee Launches an Online Petition to Save America’s Space Program

Three NASA programs are killing America’s manned and womanned space program: a rocket called the Space Launch System, a space capsule called The Orion, and a new mini-space station with a macro price, The LOP-G. These programs are bleeding $36 billion from NASA’s budget, money we could use to land on the moon to stay. Funds we need to begin the colonization of Mars. The Space Development Steering Committee is.. Read More