The Instant Moon Program

The Trump administration, its Space Council, and that council’s head, Vice President Mike Pence, are looking for a way to get to the moon fast. And to get there to stay. They are impatient with current NASA plans. Those plans won’t get us to the moon until long after President Trump is out of office. The Space Development Steering Committee proposes a six-part COTS program that will get us on the moon to.. Read More

The Edge of an Earthquake

We may be on the edge of an earthquake in NASA and in the space community. James Bridenstine, NASA’s head, has said that we will send humans into orbit around the moon by 2020. To get us there, there’s a possibility that NASA won’t use its own rocket. Instead, it may buy rocket launches from private companies like United Launch Alliance and SpaceX. And the new White House budget has backed that.. Read More

The Rubies of the Moon?

There’s a massive value to the Moon that even that heavenly body’s most passionate fans in the space community are missing, says veteran space engineer and author of the book Moonrush Dennis Wingo. Jeff Bezos has called over and over again for us humans to move heavy industry into space and to focus on gardening the planet. Wingo says the moon is rip-roaring with advantages for this move of industry.. Read More