Here is a video proposal to build solar power plants where the Sun shines close to 99% of the time. This video of transporting parts to GEO and building a thermal power satellite was in a contest, but a team supported by the Chinese government won.

The proposal grew out of one to use laser to power the last part of earth orbit injection and transfer to GEO. Lasers are good from the physics standpoint, but the leave something to be desired in the technology readiness department. There is an alternative that the microwave guru William Brown proposed back in 1992. The idea was to beam up microwave energy and power electric rockets for the move from LEO to higher orbits. This idea got turned into a video on transport and construction of a thermal power satellite.

3000 of these could entirely replace the three cubic miles of oil (equivalent) of fossil fuel the human race uses each year. By the early 2030s if we got on it soon.

Cheaper than coal or oil too.

Skylon is a UK project, thus the UK has the lead in fixing energy, carbon, climate and the difficult economic times due to expensive energy.