Zero-Carbon Energy

Using Elon Musk’s Falcon Heavy rocket, we could harvest solar power in space and send it to earth for a startlingly low figure, ten cents per kilowatt hour, a price competitive with ground-based solar, wind, and other alternative power sources. So says John Mankins, the world’s leading expert on space solar power, a 25-year NASA veteran. Solar power harvested in space has stunning benefits. It is totally carbonless. It produces zero greenhouse gases. And in the long run, it can replace fossil fuels. Completely. What’s more, providing electricity to distant,.. Read More

What the Falcon Heavy Can Do

Solar energy from space at ten cents per kilowatt hour, a price competitive with coal, oil, terrestrial solar power, and wind power. That’s what one expert on space solar power says is within our grasp thanks to Elon Musk’s vastly underused new rocket, the 140,000-pound-cargo-carrying Falcon Heavy, the most powerful rocket on earth. Solar energy from space has no carbon emissions, no down times for clouds or night, can be.. Read More

The Race to Harvest Solar Power in Space

There is a new space race. It’s a race to harvest solar energy in space, a project that could eliminate fossil fuels, could reduce energy-related greenhouse gases to zero, and, in the words of United Launch Alliance, one the biggest launchers of space payloads in North America, could lift every poor person on the planet out of poverty. For the last eight years, the Space Military Industrial Complex has opposed.. Read More