Hollister (Hop) David has several images worth seeing at his website. He argues for using Earth-Moon Lagrange Point 1 as an interplanetary hub. Moving from LE1 has several advantages: not only can you park outside of Earth’s gravity well without millions of piece of space junk flying about, but you are close to the moon where you can pick up water or other needed supplies.



EML1 and 2 (just above and below the moon) could be valuable as transportation hubs in cislunar space. They could also be valuable staging points to launch interplanetary ships from.

Parking at LE1 is also a good idea for propellant depots. Without the space junk, the area is much safer for the depots.



And there is a third reason for leaving from LE1. The Oberth Effect allows the ship to use Earth as a flyby. Picking up speed as the ship passes Earth gives you a fuel boost from the increased kinetic energy of the fuel.

Visit Hop’s website for a ton of valuable information: