Shaun Moss has written a book entitled, The International Mars Research Station: An Exciting New Plan to Create a Permanent Human Presence on Mars.

It is available as a Kindle download for $4.99 Get it here.

Shaun describes the book:

For years we’ve dreamed of sending people to Mars. With the emergence of disruptive new technologies from space companies and university researchers, it’s now possible to design mission architectures that can send people to Mars and return them to Earth more safely and cheaply than ever before. This book outlines a practical and affordable plan for establishing a base on Mars for use by international crews over numerous missions, initiating a process of settlement, and opening up a new world for human civilisation, while simultaneously bringing together the nations of Earth in a noble and historic endeavour.

As interest in Mars settlement increases, books like Shaun’s are sure to help lay the foundation for practical settlement.